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March (100 Words Challenge)
lördag, januari 10, 2009, 1:11
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Another word challenge from Velvet Verbosity. The word: March (the month or the verb, in my entry it’s both 😉 )

The March of Spring

In September you turn and leave,

The blue and green of summer walks away.

Throughout October leaves begin to crumble,

The brown and yellow, red and orange fight for space.

At a point in November darkness falls,

Rain and gray, sadness and regret clouding the days.

In December winter strikes,

”The darkest period is here and now”, it says.

During January I sleep away my sorrow,

The cold keeps getting through my skin.

In February you appear in the distance,

The warmth returns from wherever it’s been.

In March I march with pride;

Spring is here, our love for life.

This week I went for a poem, and I have no idea why. It just turned into a poem, and personally, I think it worked out just fine 😀 I’m much more happy about this one than the Doorway-thing I did last time. Enjoy 😀


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I went with a poem this week also. March really is the signal that things are going to get warmer — but the wind that comes was my focus.

And yes, your thoughts worked themselves into an excellent poem.

Kommentar av Patsy

That’s neat. I love pretty poems ^_^

Kommentar av thenightblog


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