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Doorway (100 Words Challenger)
fredag, januari 2, 2009, 1:59
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Velvet Verbosity has a 100 word challenge reminding me of the good old ”55 Word Challenge” I used to participate in on Writing.com. Since it’s been a year and a half since my 55 word days, I just had to give the 100 word challenge a try. The word on which to write the story on: doorway. Here’s my entry:

The Doorway of Indecision

I stand by the door, doorknob in hand. I know the room I’m standing in by heart, and I like it – I’ve decorated it myself – but the unknown on the other side appeals to me. I hesitate.

Slowly I open the door, just to have a peek. I gasp. Everything I’m dreaming of lies ahead! I throw the door open, preparing to take the leap, but suddenly check myself in the doorway. There’s one thing missing in the room I’m about to enter: everything I have in the room I’m about to leave.

Am I really willing to let go?

I really need to step up with my writing again. I have a few unfinished short stories in my notebook, but other than that I haven’t written much at all for months. Thankfully, challenges like these get me started again, if only just for a while, and often the rather short stories develop to longer ones. In fact, prior to writing the story above, I had a couple of other ideas on the word ”doorway”, but all turned out too long to compete with in this challenge.


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This challenge seems to lead to the same human question with all of us — do we leave the familar for the unfamilar?

Good writing — I look forward to you participating hopefully on a regular basis. 🙂 I always enjoy what others have to say on a topic.

Kommentar av Patsy

Good job. I had the same issue with trying to keep it 100 words…may flesh mine out to a longer piece.

Kommentar av Rhoni Renee

Haha, yeah, I too noticed that the theme was quite similar. I didn’t want to read the other entries before writing my own, but if I had, I would have made mine more different…

Glad that you’re commenting though 😀

Kommentar av Jozii

Jozii, nice to virtually meet you! I love seeing new faces. I’m glad you didn’t read all the other entries first. Part of the delight of each challenge is seeing when a certain word prompts the same thoughts, and when other words produce a wide variation. Doorway is one of those words that seemed to inspire a common theme, a metaphor for life’s decisions. Though the theme was common, each of you brought something fresh.

I hope that you do continue your writing, and I certainly hope to see you at the 100 Word Challenge again!

Kommentar av Velvet Verbosity

I love your analogy! I’m afraid I get stuck in the doorway often enough to sympathize ^_^

Kommentar av thenightblog


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