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Books from Lulu
onsdag, december 10, 2008, 12:09
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Yay, today I received a bunch of books from www.lulu.com: two photobooks and two textbooks.

For me personally, one of the textbooks is the highlight; it contains selected pieces of everything I’ve written since 7th grade. The texts are primarily in English (because that’s the language most of my texts are written in), but about one third is in Swedish. I humbly called the book ”My written work, from short stories to blog posts” (it was a working title used for organization purposes, but I thought it fit in the end since I’ve ordered the book for myself… the title sort of says it all 😛 )

The book is, however, also available for purchase online, should anyone be interested. I doubt that’s the case, but hey, there’s always the occasional family member crazy enough to want a copy 😛 (Shameless advertising!) Get it here for €11,98 😉

Among the rest of the books, the other textbook is to be honest the one that turned out the best. It’s a Christmas present so I can’t reveal what it is, but I’m quite confident it will be appreciated 😀 If not, it’s the thought that counts.


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