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Magdalena Graaf – Det ska bli ett sant nöje att död dig
söndag, augusti 31, 2008, 11:06
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The Graaf sisters, I remember them! Sort of. I remember the girls in my class, probably in second to third grade (98-99), talking about them. Their idols. Personally I didn’t really know who they were, and until recently I only had a faint hunch that they were models and singers. Never heard their music, though, or at least I can’t remember it. After I moved to Denmark, I never heard anything about them ever again. Until now.

This elderly woman I know (through BookCrossing, of course 😛 ) presented me to a book – a biography – she’d read. She said it was good and that it put Magdalena Graaf (the author) in a whole new light compared to that of media. Of course, back when she was in the light to begin with I was too young to understand, but still the name did say ”bimbo” even to me – until I read the book.

Allow me to be rude enough to summarize Magdalena’s life in a few brief points (SPOILER WARNING: If you want to read the book yourself, don’t read any further!):

  • Religious and boyish child who never really fit in. She moved a lot and was treated badly by ”friends”.
  • Got pregnant at a very young age. She married the father, whom she was already living with, in order not to put her family in a bad position among their religious friends.
  • The husband, who was from a gangster family from Finland with a large criminal network, abused her both physically and mentally. The husband often left for longer periods and suffered from extreme mood swings. He was constantly afraid the police would come and get him. Their income was very uneven and Magdalena never really knew where the money came from. Although she did have her theories.
  • After the baby was born Magdalena had enough. She ran away, despite threats from her husband who said it would be a pleasure to kill her and torture her family. She was afraid to bring the police into the situation, because she knew that would only provoke her husband. But of course she had to eventually.
  • Magdalena was kept in hiding while the police was trying to get her husband not only for abuse, but for a series of killings and relations to other criminal events. Her family was frequently threatened and a bomb was even found at her parents’ church. It never went off, though.
  • The husband was eventually arrested, but the underworld was still furious. Magdalena had to move several times from various homes for abused women, but ultimately no one wanted her. The police no longer had any use of her in the search for clues, and everyone was too afraid to take her in; what if someone did find her?
  • Matters got worse when a bounty was put on her head: 50000 and a certain amount of weapons. A reward would also be given to the one who hurt her sister, Hannah.
  • She did, however, get a new identity: Michaela and her son Ville (formerly known as Isak) finally settled in Gothenburg. Not even the family knew exactly where she was hiding.
  • About a year passed, Magdalena’s husband got out of jail and things didn’t seem to get better. The various authorities didn’t care much at all for Magdalena and her son, and a policewoman even got fired for spending too much time on Magdalena’s case – she would support her both financially and emotionally, during her work hours as well as in her free time. Throughout the book, Magdalena curses the Swedish system of justice several times.
  • She did, however, wonder why nothing had actually happened during all this time – why had no one been able to trace her or hurt her? She later found out that a former MC gang leader had been touched by her situation, and that this gang leader had made it his job to protect her. No one in the underworld had the guts to stand up against him.
  • But eventually things got to the point when Magdalena had enough: she was fed up with the hiding and decided to take the bull by the horn. ”I’m coming home,” she cried to her mother on the phone one day. And things actually did work out! She did get home, and her husband, who had claimed he had realized the seriousness of her situation while he was in jail, got to meet her and their son under supervision by her family. This first meeting worked out well, and so did the meetings to come. Finally they were starting to make progress, and Magdalena could feel safe walking the streets again.
  • And now to the odd and interesting part: having experienced all this, Magdalena suffered from extreme lack of confidence. She had been treated awfully not only by her husband but by the authorities as well. She hadn’t been eating well, and her body was just skin and bone. So she did a breast implant! She also started exercising and eating better, and eventually she started to look really good.
  • Hannah, the sister, was at this point already a famous model. Magdalena’s modeling career started when Hannah invited her to a celebrity party. A party during which E-Type (I’m a big fan of his music!) hit on her! Her confidence started to come back.
  • She and her sister did plenty of photo shoots together, and they got constant media attention. Not of the good kind, though. No one heard anything about the Graaf sisters’ charity work or of Magdalena’s horrible past. They were instantly classified as blond bimbos, and their looks was all anyone wrote about. Finally the music came, and even then the media was all over the place in a negative sense. Two bimbos who couldn’t sing that well, yet their music was selling gold! Everyone loved to hate them.
  • Surfing among the stars, Magdalena eventually got over her old life. She was back on top, happy as ever. Confident, and with an as healthy relationship to her former husband as she possibly could have. She later married a famous football player, and in 2005 she published her book.

Now if this isn’t a great life story, I don’t know what is. And she’s only 30 years old! Magdalena is my new hero, and if anyone says anything hinting that she’s just a stupid blond, I’ll get furious. My friend was right. This book truly does change your view of the Graaf sisters, and Magdalena in particular, even if all you knew about them was what you’d heard from your classmates years ago.


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