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The End of the Olympic Games 2008
söndag, augusti 24, 2008, 11:08
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The Olympic Games in Beijing 2008 are over. In regards to this event, I wanted to write a post. But I’m not sure what to put the spotlight on…

Should I focus on the political façade China has put up in front of the world, the greatness of this nation, the superb games they’ve put together, the dedication and loads of money spent on the event, the wonderful show and how it has positively affected millions of people? Or should I have a look at the dark side, the events behind this façade, the millions of people in China suppressed and tossed aside to make China look good to the outside world, the political instability, the people who were forced to move to make room for the newly built stadium, the protestors who were thrown into work camps, the discrimination of the ‘unfit’ and ‘ugly’, the millions of people in China who struggle to get food to eat while the leaders of the nation spends its money on luxuries, the debate about human rights, minorities, ethical questions and the fact that China isn’t what it pretends to be?

Or perhaps I should focus on the sports, the core of it all, the amazing performances by people like Phelps and Bolt that will be remembered in years to come, the world records, the medals won and lost, the times, numbers, statistics and results, the diversity, the flaws and perfection in the individual performances, the detailed analysis of movement, physical and mental conditions, the effect of outside noise, battles and exciting moments, the positions, finals and quarterfinals, the commentators and their extreme knowledge, the media, the attention, China as the dominating nation when it comes to gold medals, or the US regarding the total medal count, the sports, from sailing to wrestling, from high jump to fast running, from tennis to table tennis, from water polo to horseback riding?

Or why not the emotions, the cries and loud cheers, the support of times and nations across the world, the patriotism, the unity between countries otherwise at war, the fight for peace and freedom, human rights and the lack thereof, the tears of joy and those of sadness, the hearts broken, the years of training which has resulted in dreams coming true or dreams being crushed, the little details that make a difference, the poor workers and volunteers standing in the rain but dedicated to do their job, the military-like organization and synchronization of thousands of people, or the funny sides, the humor, cows walking backwards, the edge-of-the-seat excitement, joy and happiness, strong faces and hardened hearts?

Or maybe I should get patriotic myself, talk about Sweden and the ups and downs of this year, the fact that this was one of the worst games for Sweden in a very long time, the lack of medals and the few actually achieved, the fight against neighboring countries and our position second last among the Nordic countries, the sadness in the many failures – or decent tries – among our athletes? Or should I rant about the bad luck when a swimsuit breaks minutes before start or when the first obstacle is the one to fall on, provide excuses or legitimate reasons, talk about the few amazing performances both in table tennis and sailing, as well as a very good try by a certain someone who could have won gold in her field but decided to switch to another sport in lack of challenges, the respect I owe to those who tried and those who stood up for what they believe in, to him who wouldn’t accept a third-place medal as a protest to the corruption within his sport, the hope provided by media and the vast sadness of failure to come as a result?

Or should I look into the future and talk about next time, London and the UK, the expectations and hopes, the years until we meet again, the possible results the games have left in China, my personal feelings and political thoughts, the amazing shows and non-sports aspects, the speculations in regards to how the Olympic flame will be lit next time, the political debates that may come or are already here, the importance of the games to the world as we know it? Or the history, how it started, the Greek, the modern games, the great names we still remember and those that have now been washed away due to new world records, old highlights and great moments?

Or perhaps I shouldn’t focus on anything particular at all except the games as a whole and the parts of it I will remember in times to come? Yes, that’s what I’ll do. After all, the Olympic Games are too large to sum up in a single blog post.


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Or, should you be like me and get distracted/get bored/forget what you’re talking about and start ranting about something completely different? Like toenails.

Maybe boring (read: normal) is good sometimes. But it’s so *boring*!

Kommentar av christa89

but some them up, you did 😉

Kommentar av Ricardo Rix

I assume you mean ‘sum’? 😛

Nice to see you of all people here, Rix 😉

Kommentar av Jozii


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