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tisdag, juli 22, 2008, 12:29
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Juno is cool. I really like Juno. In fact, if she wasn’t knocked up already…

OK, let’s not go there. In case you didn’t know, Juno is a movie character (portrayed by the wonderful Ellen Page). Her name is also the title of the movie.

The basic plot: way too young girl (16) gets pregnant and decides to put the child up for adoption. She finds a lovely couple, but they turn out to have marriage problems and the adoption is put on risk.

That sounds fairly simple, but as always there’s more to it. The story is told in a slightly different way, not necessarily leaving everything to the obvious. Turns are taken without warning, but only small turns, so nothing major and completely unexpected happens. To some, this makes the movie special, to others, it appears are a poorly made film. Personally I’m a bit in between.

Because the fact remains: I find ”Juno” to be an average movie. It has won an Oscar for the script, but it’s that very same script that splits in two. But on the plus side, it’s the slightly original twists to the story that makes it special…

A very strong plus, though, is the selection of characters: Juno herself is quite witty, stays cool in any situation, and appears to make every single sarcastic statement a serious one. This gives her a very ironic tone, something which makes her shine on screen!

Other characters are very clever too. From the shy Bleeker kid to the father who, when Juno reveals that she’s pregnant, reacts with the words ”I didn’t think he had it in him”. One of my personal favorites, however, is the step mom. The scene where she uses bad words in an almost poetic way to yell at a nurse is absolutely marvelous! And all for a good cause (the nurse said ”thank goodness” when Juno said she wanted to adopt, something which the mom found extremely annoying – ”who’s she to assume my kid can’t take care of a child?”)

But again, despite the characters, as a whole, I find ”Juno” to be, well, average. But during the past week I’ve watched tons of movies, many which I liked more than this one, so why is it that I choose to write about Juno and not any of the others? Well, the answer is simple: presentation.

See, I didn’t watch Juno on a regular TV screen or on a computer, nor did I go to the cinema. Instead, I, along with some friends, went to ”Zulu Sommerbio”, a sort of traveling movie theatre that happened to be in town. A large screen in the outdoors by a castle. ”Bring your own chairs and/or blankets”. Great company, great atmosphere. Thus, a great movie despite its downsides.


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