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Where are you from again?
söndag, juli 20, 2008, 12:36
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On several occasions this week, strangers have approached me:

”So, I hear you’re from Finland?”

”No, actually I’m from Sweden, but I’ve lived in Finland.”

”Oh. So what are you doing here in Denmark?”

”I’ve lived in Denmark too once.”

”But where do you live now?”

”In Sweden.”


”So, do you have a girlfriend?”

”Yes, I do.” (No need to confuse them further by explaining the fact that we’re likely only to see each other one more time this year, and that we’ve agreed on not to stay together for longer than we find possible).

”Is she Swedish?”

”No, she’s American.”

”But she lives in Sweden?”

”No, she lives in Finland, and later this year she’s moving to Denmark.”


”So you speak English to each other?”

”No, we communicate in Swedish.”

At this point, most people give up and change the subject 😛


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