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The Day I Annoyed Alice Cooper
torsdag, juli 17, 2008, 12:44
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Yesterday I was with friends here in Denmark, having a good time. Two weird things happened: 1) I was among the few who actually consumed any alcohol at all (one cider, but still), and 2) I annoyed the man, the one and only, the legend: Alice Cooper!

OK, the latter is a bit of an exaggeration. But one of his staff did sound a bit upset. See, at about midnight last night, we decided to go down town to see if we could hear, and possibly even see, Alice Cooper while he was performing there. However, the show was already over when we arrived. So, without passing any restricted areas, we just walked around casually, watching all the people packing everything together, taking the stage down piece by piece. There was also a bus within which the star himself most likely was seated.

Then we decided to go back where we came from. But suddenly a man shouted in English ”hey, what are those kids doing here?” We looked around, puzzled as we realized he was talking about us. A danish speaking man came over, asked us to turn around and take another exit, and then he sealed off the area by placing a temporary fence over the pathway.

Alright, so Alice Cooper probably never even knew we were there. But it still was a cool experience in a weird way 😛


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