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At the Airport
onsdag, juli 16, 2008, 1:16
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Here I am, In Denmark, third year in a row 😀 I just arrived yesterday and have a week in the country. During the flight from Copenhagen to Sonderborg we were ten people (excluding staff), which shows both the size and popularity of Sonderborg as a whole 😛 However, right now I’d like to share some stuff I saw and conversations I overheard at the airport:

Talkactive Security – In Gothenburg, when passing security, a woman was checking peoples tickets. The line wasn’t very long, but still it took quite some time. Why? She was chatting with everyone! ”Oh, you’re going to Spain? I hear it’s lovely there this time of year.”

She did the same thing with me, telling me how she found it odd that I was also flying from Copenhagen to Sonderborg, considering the small size of Denmark. I had the feeling she didn’t even belong there, that she wasn’t even a security guard, but rather someone playing a joke, pretending to be one 😛 But then again, we all have different personalities…

Asian saleswomen – I went to buy a hotdog to eat. Two Asian women occupied the stall. They were both funny and weird at the same time. When asked if I wanted a large one I answered ”no, standard size is fine”. One of them gave me a crooked smile and asked in a playful tone ”are you sure?”.

The other one asked me what I wanted on it. I went french mustard, and suddenly she began speaking French just for fun. I got my hotdog and left 😛

Foreigners at the table – Two older couples speaking a language I didn’t recognize asked if the seats at my table were free (larger table, only me there). As they sat there they talked and made jokes. They discussed something about how much your luggage can weigh and later they talked about Danish coins. I really don’t know exactly what they said, but they were still really fun to listen to!

Danish couple at the table – Before the previously mentioned couples came, a Danish couple sat at my table. The woman seemed strict and in a bad mood. The man seemed more casual and relaxed. I even felt sorry for him having to listen to her snapping comments. When they left (we had said a few words to each other, so he felt obliged to say goodbye), he gave me a thumbs up and said ”have a nice day”. She, on the other hand, gave me a quick smile that looked far from sincere and then she left in a hurry.

Vehicle chasing paper – As I was watching out a window, one of those vehicles with ”large rotating broomsticks” on the front was driving around cleaning up on the airport streets. A certain piece of paper played along by being hard to catch. It was funny watching how the vehicle was driving around, trying to catch the paper 😛

Woman on phone – Just before my flight arrived, a woman was talking extremely loud on the phone. Everybody looked up when she started, and I doubt anyone in the area was able to ignore her conversation.

”That’s really good, Tanya. But Tanya, don’t forget to buy those *unknown item* we talked about. Remember, if she wants two, he wants one. If she wants one, he wants two. And if she doesn’t want any, he wants three! Great, Tanya, that’s brilliant!”


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