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The Season of Travelling
måndag, juli 14, 2008, 12:41
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With summer comes the annual trip to Sweden, a tradition that has been going on for eight years. This year, however, is different.

The fact that I just came home from a weekend with relatives serves as proof to that. That wasn’t a possibility at all until now. I live closer to them, and suddenly the annual trips to Sweden are replaced by annual trips to Denmark (and possibly Finland too in years to come).

And the travelling season has only just begun! Last Friday was my first time doing a longer car trip on my own, and starting tomorrow, when going to Denmark, it will actually be the first time I do an entire two-way flight alone. In previous years, my sister has been with me either one way or the other.

The trip to Denmark lasts for a week, then it’s immediately off to relatives again, this time for the major 50th birthday party that my dad and his brother-in-law are throwing. And a few days after that: my granddads birthday, followed by my own birthday, which, according to tradition, I’ll celebrate with family and friends on the countryside.

In August, when returning to Gothenburg, the summer celebrations still aren’t over, though. On the 9th of August a BookCrossing event is to be held in Slotsskogen along with other BookCrossers, and later during the month the street we now live on will throw an annual street party, something I’ve long missed from the years in Denmark.

So a busy time ahead, but a great one indeed!


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