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”I’m The Rock Star”
onsdag, juli 9, 2008, 12:58
Filed under: Funny Stuff

While surfing the net, I came over the following very funny story. The humor is a bit rocky, but stable enough to entertain you the whole way through (you’ll get that joke once you’ve read the rest 😉 )! I only have two complaints about it: the poor grammar and the fact I didn’t write it myself 😛

”Feeling a bit depressed, I took a walk down to the lake to be by myself….Or so I thought! I sat down on a huge boulder and leaned over to pick up a rock to throw in the water..Just as I was about to release it, I heard a voice cry out..”Hey! Wait a minute,Lady! !!! What makes you think I wanna go for a swim?! Did I ask to go for a swim? NOOOO!” It was the rock talking….”Yeh, you people just think you’re the only ones on this planet! I’m sick of it! You kick us around like dirt ! It ain’t right!” ”Uhmmm..sorry..” was all I could utter out. ”I sure wasn’t thinkin’ ,I guess”. ”Of course not! You humans are all alike!” she returned. Yes, it was a ”she”’ because about then I heard some faint whimpering…I looked down and saw a smaller rock crying..”That rock is crying!”I said. ”Of course,it’s crying! It’s a pebble..Pick it up and rock it unless you feel a great need to throw it into the lake too!” I picked up the pebble and rocked it a bit. It stopped crying and actually grinned at me! I tossed it up and down in my palm and it began to laugh and laugh…I was starting to feel better as I laughed along with the pebble. ‘Well, I think I will go ,” I said to the rocks.”I feel better now…” ”Well, fine! You go then!” said the momma rock. ”You were sitting on Grandfather anyway!” ”Spiteful ol’ rock..”I thought to myself.. As I walked away I had to have the last words..”Yeh, think I ‘ll go home and have a bowl of Cocoa Pebbles!” YOU SHOULD HAVE HEARD THE GASP!!! ”Well, fine! Maybe you should listen to some ROCK while you’re at it! Cos you didn’t listen to this one very well!!!”she shouted back. She was rock hard on me…”Well, it just goes to show ya..” I called back walking backwards,”Never take anything for GRANITE!!” I grinned and felt self satisfaction …About that time, I noticed the grandpa boulder look my way and gave me a big wink…It is still etched in my mind like stone…..:)”

Clever and funny. That’s the way to go 😀


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