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7 Random Acts of Kindness
onsdag, juni 11, 2008, 11:01
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I’ve long liked the world wide phenomenon of ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ where you simply do kind stuff to strangers. However, once you leave the computer screen (where you can read tons of stories of what kind things people have done), it all gets forgotten, and when an opportunity presents itself, you rarely actually do something. Your mind is simply elsewhere.

To solve this, here are 7 ideas that I’ll force myself to learn by heart, so I can remember them in case I ever get the chance to perform them 😛

1. Give/lend an umbrella – I once read about someone who saw a woman and her many children (don’t remember the number, but they were more than just a couple) standing in the rain waiting for the buss. This person, suddenly struck by a flash of kindness, immediately went to a store close by and bought one umbrella for the woman and one for each of her children. Now, I’m not saying I need to do that some day, but I am saying that when you stand there, with your own umbrella in hand, it isn’t too hard to offer someone else to share the umbrella with you until the bus – or whatever – arrives.

2. Carry groceries – Maybe there’s an old lady in need of getting to her car at the other side of the parking lot, or someone who lives nearby but must still walk quite a bit. I’d take the time to help carry the bags. The only problem might be the fear of me being a thief 😛

3. Give a policeman a helium balloon – I stole this idea from a book: Random Acts of Kindness: 365 ways to make the world a nicer place. I have no idea what it’s for, but I’d bet the policeman would be thrilled to have to carry a balloon around at work all day 😛 Oh the things we do to please others…

4. Kind words – When passing a stranger on the street, why not give them a compliment?

5. Hug a stranger – This is one of my favorite ideas! Hugging someone who’s just standing there, perhaps accompanied by a few kind words, would be cool. Alternatively, the hug could be given when you’re in the situation where you walk towards each other on the street, and both try to go the same way to avoid each other. Instead of stopping and figure out what way the other will actually go, you can just hug the person. Problem solved 😛

6. Applaud someone who’s made an effort – Even if the effort was worthless.

7. Be generally kind – I’ve helped mothers get their strollers on to the bus, and I’ve assisted people who have stumbled on the street, asking them if they’re alright. But you never can do to much of these small but kind acts, so I’ll continue not to be the guy who just stands there to watch in the futre as well…


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You look like a thief. I would be scared too. :O

”Applaud someone who’s made an effort”:
They told him the task couldn’t be done,
With a smile he went right to it.
He tackled the task that couldn’t be done –
And couldn’t do it.

Love how that poem keeps the suspense up but still has a surprising ending (and all this in a short poem!). Don’t remember where I read it tho…

Kommentar av christa89

Careful who you do this with, though. As a Vietnam veteran, I’ve known the psychotic quite well; paranoia is a real thing. Stick to those who look clean and ”civilized” when doing this, please. Since I visited your blog ‘at random’, count this as a random good wish.

I also applaud your careful writing style.

Kommentar av oregonnerd

Hey 😀 Always nice when ”random” people drop in 😉

I appreciate your concern, but I’m quite sure if you use common sense, and as long as you’re not in a war in Vietnam, you’ll be just fine 😉 As a worst case scenario, I someone could get angry at you for not minding your own business, even though your intentions are good. However, even that is unlikely as I see it 😀

Anyway, again, nice of you to stop by 😉

Kommentar av Jozii

[…] to this my recent interest in doing random acts of kindness, something which was frequently done yesterday. It all started when we were screaming on the top […]

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