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The Personal Truth
onsdag, juni 4, 2008, 12:29
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I’m so jealous of people who can believe strongly in something regarding the questions we all seek, but only a few find the answer to. Of course, we all have our views, opinions and thoughts on how we came to be, why we are here, and what the meaning of life is. And by no means do I think someone has all these answers (or even think they have all the answers). But there are plenty of people who are closer than the rest of us.

Whether it’s a dedicated Muslim, a monk at a remote location, a person with strong faith in the Bible, someone with great spiritual experiences, or someone with a strong heart in what we call science, these people all claim to have found the ”truth”. But in the end, aren’t we all just simple creatures driven by curiosity and a hunt for answers? Aren’t all these theories out there just a result of our own unawareness and lack of knowledge?

While I do admire anyone who strongly believes in what they’ve discovered, there is one kind of ”believer” I look up to even more; the one who is the only one in the world with her belief, and who has no desire at all to let anyone know of this. The person who truly thinks he knows the truth, lives by it and is experiencing a sort of ”wholeness” as a result, yet is fully satisfied with not spreading the word, or even feeling the need of fellow believers with faith in the same idea. I don’t know anyone like that, but then again, the point is that they don’t care if I do or not, and thus they haven’t told anyone.

But does anyone know the truth? Probably not. But their state of mind while thinking they do is enough for them to completely ignore everything else and live life fully, and that’s all it takes to have found the ”personal truth”. Anyone with such a strong faith has found the truth, even if none of them have the ”correct” answer.

In other words, I doubt anyone actually knows the truth. But I sure am jealous of those who think they do.


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