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Eurovision 2008 – Highlights
söndag, maj 25, 2008, 1:23
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Alright, yet another year, yet another Eurovision Song Contest. A magnificent show as always, but again with a mixed quality of songs. Here are some of the ups and downs from Belgrade this year:

The Ups

  • 43 countries – More and more countries participate every year. More participants, more fun!
  • Favorites in top – Four out of five of my personal favorites were among the top positions throughout the announcements of the results.
  • The figure skater – OK, so Russia won. Greece was better, and it was a tough fight during the first halfof the results. But even though I had rather seen Russia second or third, that figure skater really did nail it! I’ve seen him before on TV (but never remember his name), but skating on such a small area, with a violin player and a singer in the same tiny spot, makes his world titles well deserved.
  • Norway – Just because. Loved the song, but still thought it wouldn’t do as good as it actually did. Way to go!
  • Björn Gustafsson – The guy who announced the results of the voting in Sweden. For you non-Swedish people out there: he’s not that stupid in reality (only almost). He’s a comedian, and most of his shows are like that. ”Hola Belgrade” 😛
  • All of the Nordic countries in the final – This is obviously great, but as usual, we could have done without Finnish rock. Sorry 😦
  • Good quality – Despite some doubt to begin with, the final turned out to contain very high quality music. Hey, even Israel made a serious contribution!
  • ”We’re sorry for Riverdance” – We know you are, Ireland 😛 (But thank goodness that turkey didn’t make it all the way… then we would be the ones who were sorry!)
  • The fireworks– Yay, love fireworks 😀
  • Top score to Sweden – At least from one country. But who would have thought the 12 points would come from Malta (!) of all places?

The Downs

  • 43 countries – In the future, the announcements of the results will take three hours :O Enough is enough, emerge with Russia instead. But despite all these new participants, where are some of the more well known countries? When will Italy and Scotland, for example, join the fun? It’s been more then 50 years guys, I think it’s time.
  • The lack of seriousness – Half naked women (Estonia, anyone?), techno turkeys, singing pirates (great song, though), crazy Spaniards, Frenchmen in golf carts, … The list just goes on. Perhaps we should return to juries instead of telephone voting?
  • Neighbour voting – It’s not so much the fact that neighbour countries always vote for each other that annoys me. It’s the fact that every year the debate about it goes on. It’s not like Germany will win if they had a terrible song (like this year), or Denmark would finish in the top 5 because Iceland gave a few points extra. The song that the majority of people like will ALWAYS win. Bad songs, despite getting a few bonus points every now and then, will ALWAYS lose. You can’t beat democracy.
  • Sweden last – Well, not last, but not far from it. Yet again, we thought to highly of our contribution. But then again, many newspaper and other media surveys revealed Sweden in the top five. What happened? People changed their minds just like that?
  • Center of the world– That Paris Hilton wannabe who was outside the arena said that today, Belgrade was the center of happiness in the world, or something like that. Yeah, sure, in Europe, maybe. But please, don’t be selfish enough not to leave the rest of the world out of it. Making such a statement is so American (OK, that statement was rather stupid too, but you get the point). ”We’re the center of the world!”
  • Björn Gustafsson – The whole of Europe now thinks Swedes are insane, really bad at English, or just plain stupid. Or a mix of all of those. Björn, it’s funny when you do it in front of a Swedish audience, but this time you made a fool of yourself 😦

To finish of, here’s what one of the Swedish commentators once said: ”So, that was the best songs Europe has to offer. Let’s hope no other continents were watching.” Not entirely true for the finals – many great songs – but in years to come, is there no way the seriousness of the show can return? I guess we’ll see how it turns out next year – off to Moscow!


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I must have a strange sense of humor because I thought the Swedish announcer was hilarious! (The others watching with me didn’t think it was as funny as I did.)

Kommentar av CN Heidelberg

You have a strange sense of humor 😛

No, seriously, I thought it was funny too, and I bet most Swedes who knows who he is thought so as well. But I’m afraid the majority of other viewers thought he was just weird 😛

But then again, I thought Sweden would finish in or near the top 5, so I might be wrong 😀

Kommentar av Jozii

Hey I’m Australian, and we thought Bjorn was hilarious. I was cacking myself laughing. For me, that was the best part of the night. And don’t worry, it wasn’t just me, everybody else was laughing too. And we watched the BBC coverage and Terry Wogan thought it was funny too.

At least you guys made it memorable; I won’t forget that any time soon.

What was the deal with Sweden finishing so low? I thought they’d be top 5 for sure.

Kommentar av Jessica

I’m sure you mean Austria, not Australia, right? 😛 It’s funny that all of a sudden people I don’t know come to my blog. That shows how huge ESC is :O

Kommentar av Jozii

Hey i’m Australian too (never confuse us with Austria……we have Kangaroos, they have guys who lock their daughters up in basements…….too soon???).

Anyway, got to admit that Bjorn was hilarious. After a slight second of laughing at what seemed like being nervous, i began laughing even harder at him, as we would say here, ”taking the piss” (or making a joke of the vote reading). Its not like he stuffed up the votes for real, which is another event i always look for in a Eurovision. How hard is it to read out 3 countries in order???

Ah well, enjoyable as always.

douze points to Björn Gustafsson!!

Kommentar av Gazza

Ah, alright, had no clue Australians watched Eurovision 😛

And yeah, I too always look for someone to mess things up 😛 I believe it only happened once this year (don’t remember what country it was, though). Things have become a lot easier for the people reading the votes now that the 6 first are shown instantly and don’t have to be read.

Kommentar av Jozii


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