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River Crossing
fredag, maj 16, 2008, 10:22
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Another day, another adventure. And once again, it’s Geocache related.

We (Christa, one of her brothers, their dog, and I) went out to place a cache by a field in the area. On our search for a good hiding spot we made the brilliant decision of crossing a small river, a task which turned out harder than we thought.

It wasn’t the trip over the first time that caused the problem, though. We safely got across by climbing a few trees, and found the hiding spot we were looking for. But then what? The river turned out to be quite long, and we had to get back somehow. There was always that place where we crossed it at the first time, but we’d walked away from it already.

Christa found a new spot, but it consisted of branches that could easily break, so I decided to go back to the first location. Well there, I thought to myself: ”why not continue a bit further and try to find an even better place?” Can you hear a donkey shriek?

So, I walked a bit further. And a bit further. And a bit further. Until I finally found something: a log lying in the water, resting on both sides of the river. About four or five meters across and nothing to hold on to. But it was a challenge and I didn’t feel like going any further, so I gave it a try anyway.

I found two tree branches to stick in the water and lean on while walking. But the problem was that the further I went the deeper the river got (duh!). Half way there, the left stick was useless, and the right stick was so short I must have looked like an old man with back problems.

But did I fall? No. I actually made it! Perhaps those balance sessions on the Wii Fit board really helps 😛 One thing is certain, though: I’m never crossing that river again! A word of advice to Geocachers attempting this cache: park your car on the correct side of the river. Double the terrain rating if you don’t.


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