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Geocaching.com – Modern Treasurehunt
måndag, maj 5, 2008, 10:43
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Today I went on a treasure hunt. And yes, the treasure was found! Where? Underneath a bridge, which required some acrobatic skills, and a second one under some stairs by a nearby railway station.

You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about. It’s Geocaching.com, obviously! This is a worldwide phenomenon – almost a sport, really – in which you track down hidden ”geocaches” (containers) using a GPS and given coordinates. Yes, it’s that simple.

Or is it? While many of the containers are easy to find, even without a GPS (instead, you use the hints and clues left at the web page for a given cache), many require some serious searching. You can search for caches in your area using Google Maps and from there click your way to the individual pages of each cache. Here you’ll find general information, clues (encrypted unless you click the decipher button), comments from people who have already found the cache, and even images in some cases. Using these will make your search easier.

However, to fully experience the game, you should simply only view the general description and use the given coordinates to find the location. Once there – you might have to walk far, climb, swim, etc. – you’ll need to search for the actual container. The difficulty of a cache is presented at its web page.

So what does the caches contain? In its standard form, a cache would be a simple container with a logbook and a pen in it. You, as the finder of a cache, should simply jot down your name and the date on which you find the cache. There might be more, though. Personally I’ve found nothing major (although I’ve only found two caches total), but one of the caches contained small stuff such as a marble, a funny plastic thingy, etc. You may take something from a cache, but you’re expected to leave something equally valued in return.

Of course, you can also create and place your own cache. I surely will sooner or later. There seem to be many rules, though. ”Check with the land owner first”, ”Not on a location where people must purchase a product or service in order to reach the cache”, etc. But by using common sense, I think you’ll overcome these obstacles.

So, why not spend your next weekend going cache hunting? I’m surprised at how many caches there are out there, and odds are there are several caches in your area too! Happy hunting 😀


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I’ll do my best, but then in Holland, in the area north east of Amsterdam.
I have a weekend (22-23 Mai) together with my wife and without our children, so there must be some moment to do some caching

Kommentar av Paul

Ah, a children free weekend? I bet your wife just love sit when you go Geocaching on such an occasion 😛

(Just kidding, of course there’s always some time left over).

Kommentar av Jozii


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