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Happy B-Day Mom!
söndag, mars 30, 2008, 12:40
Filed under: Hobbies & Activities

Yay, tomorrow (or, well, today actually – it’s after midnight), it’s my moms birthday. I’ll be kind to her and not reveal her age here, but let’s just say she’s not 45 any longer 😉

Today we celebrated a bit early, by going to a restaurant… with a Lapland theme. And to be honest, it was great! 322€ for something that lasted only a couple of hours, but boy was it good. Reindeer meet, bear meatballs, whitefish, salmon, to mention a few things they had to offer.

The best part of any meal, besides the social bit, is of course the desert, though. And how heavenly isn’t caramel sauce with honey on a slice of pie, a little pancake or simply icecream? Mmm. I ended up eating just the sauce on a spoon, because it was so good 😛

Great food, good company and a funny waitress. A perfect evening and money well spent. And the actual celebration hasn’t even begun…


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