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I want to travel!
tisdag, mars 18, 2008, 11:58
Filed under: Hobbies & Activities
In particular, I’d like to rollerskate! Not just for a couple of hours like I usually do, but for a longer period. From southern Denmark perhaps, and down south through Germany. Or from southern Sweden and up north. No other planning than perhaps which larger cities I would be aming for. How far would I get in a month’s time?

It would be so liberating just leaving everything, being by myself for such a long time.

What keeps me off is the fear of not being as ‘safe’ or ‘comfortable’ as I usually am in my everyday life. Where would I sleep? Would I know where to go and how do deal with unexpected situations? Would I even have the strength to do it?

Then there’s of course that “leaving everything” part. I will have quite some spare time before the summer (when school’s over, but before the summer activities start), but after that it will be difficult (my schedule for the summer is quite full). And, knowing my girlfriend and I are likely to split up during the summer, wasting a month going away might not be ideal.

I really should and want to do this, but on the other hand things are keeping me down, and there are so many things I should and want to do too…


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