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Contest Hosting – A hobby?
tisdag, mars 4, 2008, 2:01
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I’ve always had a certain interest for contests. Not participating in them, but organizing them. I remember, years ago back in Mantorp, I used to do this in various forms, from bicycle races to snail marathons. The excitement has continued throughout the years, although today, I’m conquering the online fields.

For about four or five years now, I’ve been an eager host of online contests. A sort of hobby of mine, one that I’ve always been a bit embarrassed to talk about. – ”So do you have any hobbies?” – ”Yeah, I host various contests and events online.”

So what kind of stuff are we talking about here? Well, anything from less successful writing contests on writing-related websites (it’s so much fun seeing what different people can do with the same basic material/idea), to forum contests at various communities and even contests on my own TMU Blog (being a major porject of mine in itself).

However, the greatest area of success is without doubt TMX! I don’t expect you to understand it all, but basically it’s a fansite to a racing game (PC). On that website, I’ve hosted racing contests, contests for building tracks, etc. Some of my greatest success stories are the MTC (Monthly Track Contest) and the XSTC (Extreme Short Track Contest). The first I hosted for every month for over a year. A tremendously popular event among the community, and even though I stepped down as the host months ago (you have no idea how time-consuming such an event is, and doing the same thing every month soon gets boring), eager fans of the game are still carrying on the tradition of the MTC by hosting their own versions. A joy to see how my idea has developed to such a huge thing!

The latter, the XSTC, being a contest in which you had to build extremely short (duh!) tracks (less than 15 seconds to drive), only lasted for a few rounds, but was still extremely popular. In fact, TMX, being a site to which you upload your own in-game creations, was flooded with XSTC tracks, and at one point 8/10 of the most popular tracks on the site were 15-second tracks from the event.

The past few months I’ve been rather quiet when it comes to hosting events. However, not too long ago I was made a moderator on TMX and put in charge of hosting official events for the website. Today my first such event has appeared – a screenshot making contest, in which participant must beautify a given screenshot from within the game, using any photo-editing tool they want.

To be honest, it doesn’t feel much different hosting an ”official” event as part of the staff on a website, compared to hosting one as an eager player. The process is the same. But I can’t really put my finger on what exactly it is that’s so fascinating. For writing contests, it’s definitely the joy of reading what others have created based on my given set of rules. Creativity at its best. But for these other events, all I get is complaints about the rules (those who don’t dislike the rules, the majority, tend to be quiet at the start) followed by thanks for a great contest. Perhaps it’s the thanks that do it, or perhaps it’s seeing all the tracks or whatever it’s about pouring in during the contest. Or, perhaps I even like the arguing with stupid people complaining that the rules are not to their excitement. Or a mix of everything.

Whatever it is, hosting contests, events and other projects is something I’ll continue in the future. It’s fun and a good way of passing time. I get to meet people in the process, see the joy of people who have liked a just finished event, and get to do a lot of organizing, rule-writing and arguing. What better hobby could I possibly ask for?

But, it’s still a subject I’m not likely to bring up the first time I meet someone, when being asked if I have any hobbies. It would still sound too weird.

PS. I’d love to host a new writing contest, as those provide the most interesting results. However, getting the audience/participation rate required for a contest to be successful can prove challenging, and I’ve yet to find a suitable place for this. Any suggestions on websites?


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After a quick search, here are some writing forums that seem to have good contests:


Kommentar av auroradormita

Thanks 😀

And, do I know you? 😛

Kommentar av Jozii

Åh, en skrivtävling! Får jag vara med eller ska det vara ”inga-jag-känner”-regler på den? 😀

Kommentar av Kajsa

Alla får så klart vara med… men har ingen för tillfället 😉

Kommentar av Jozii

Oh, okej. Säg till om du ska ha en tävling så är jag med! 😀

Kommentar av Kajsa

Ghaa, jag lämnade fel länk till min blogg, det här är rätt! >.<

Kommentar av Kajsa


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