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lördag, januari 5, 2008, 9:50
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I’ve come to realize that I don’t pay enough attention to what and how I write in this blog. It feels like sometimes I’m just re-telling what has already been told by simply saying ”today I did this and that”. I’ll try to give more thought to what I write about and how I present it. Yell at me whenever I fail!

On the other hand, while I was in Sweden during the holidays I bought this genius blank-page book. I’ve decided, as a new-year resolution even, that I’ll fill these pages one by one during the entire 2008 – and this is where I now write my more in-depth material. In other words, saying the same thing here feels… boring. But I’ll do my best to keep both sources filled!

When I had bought this blank-page book and took on the task of writing the first page (which was a bunch of promises to myself regarding what I’d be writing in it and how), one of my cousins saw me and asked if I was writing a diary. My answer was no. In fact, I hate diaries – or so I thought. For some reason I’ve always found them embarrassing and, well, not something people approve of, so to speak. But I’ve now understood that I’m already working on one, and I’ve made it my New Year’s Resolution to continue writing in it. So I’ll go ahead and say it: yes, I have a diary! What are you going to do about it?

A few other of my New Year’s Resolutions (those related to writing and the use of the Internet):

  • To write more in Swedish – If I’m going to live there, I’d better start working on getting rid of those little traces of Danish I still have left. They’re what keeps preventing me from writing better. I might even throw in some posts in Swedish in this blog, as all you Swedish people out there keep complaining about language problems .
  • To start and participate in fewer online projects and focus more on real-life friends, family, studies, etc. – During 2007 I hosted countless online contests (writing and TrackMania racing/creation contests mainly – the latter partly due to my TrackMania blog – but also on other themes and topics), started several blog projects, wrote plenty of how-to articles for the benefit of various communities, and more. And I carried through every single one of these projects, from start to finish. Quite tiresome in the long run.
  • To not stop my online participation and devotion completely – After all, taking an initiative can get you a long way. Some will hate you for ”taking up space”, others will love you for your work and the oportunities you open up for them. For an idea to become reality someone has to take the first step. And if no one would do that, blogs wouldn’t exist today!
  • To make all of my writings better or as good as what I consider to be my personal best from last year – Last year I improved tremendously. I’d like to see a similar improvement this year.

Additionally, I’d like to write more in Danish before I forget it completely. But I didn’t make that a promise to myself, as I fear I’ll have trouble meeting up to it. It’s strange though that I’ve decided to make so many promises this year, as I’ve never had any New Year’s Resolutions previous years.

When it comes to blogging in 2008, I hope to use this blog more often, and, although I hate to say it, focus less on the other ones. Especially the TM blog, which is my most popular creation, will suffer, I’m afraid.

But now I’ll have to make a few final touches to a school essay I’m writing, which should have been in before Christmas. Inspiration wasn’t on my side back then, but now I’ve read ”the Alchemist” (in Swedish though, where it’s titled ”Alkemisten”), which is what forms the base of my essay. Thank you Christa for lending it to me!

Oh, and one last thing: the motivation to continue a blog is greatly improved when people comment. A simple comment does it, but if a post can spur some comment discussions that’s even better. I can see that you’re reading, so no excuse not to comment!


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Yay! I’m the first one to commentate this one! How will I cellebrate? Maybe by telling you, Johan, how incredible your skills in english are. It is a great pleasure to read it! 😀

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