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Happy New Year!
tisdag, januari 1, 2008, 12:30
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2008 is, in Sweden anyway, only 56 minutes away! In Finland, the new year presented itself only four minutes ago.

So what am I doing in front of the computer, you ask? Well, the truth is that I’m stuck here today with seven other people, the youngest being 40+.

But to be honest, that doesn’t mean it’s boring. In fact, we just finished playing the ”gift game” (see below), which was the funniest and most entertaining round I’ve ever played! My uncle, having four gifts at one time, ended up with only one, which was a sewing kit. I ended up with two (flashlights and alcohol), one which I gave to my grandfather (he needed it – guess which one). And, as always, the most popular ones didn’t turn out to be the best ones, so the people who really fought for them got a surprise 😛

Now it’s only 51 minutes left, and I should be heading back downstairs. But first, let me explain this wonderful ”gift game”, a tradition we’ve brought with us from Denmark, so that you too can enjoy it during future editions of new years eve.

The Gift Game

The general idea is that all guests bring one gift each, at a price (fairly cheap) set in advance by the host. The gifts, being wrapped so that only the original buyer knows the content, are at the start of the game placed at a middle of the table. The participants then take turn to roll a dice, and every time someone rolls a 6, he or she may grab a gift of personal choice from the table.

Once the table is ”empty” (all gifts have been taken) a timer is set by the host. A good time is 15-20 minutes, but the one who decides on that shouldn’t reveal it to the others, to make the game more exciting.

Then the game continues, but this time when a 6 is rolled, the roller may take any desired gift from one of the other participants having a gift in front of them. Typically, a certain gift becomes extra popular, or certain people start stealing from each other.

When the timer sounds, the game ends, and you keep whatever is in front of you. Some may end up with several gifts, while others with none at all – it’s the process that’s fun, and the gifts are usually useless anyway.

If desired, additional rules or changes to the rules may be used:

  • When rolling a 1, you have to give away one of your gifts, if you have any, to any other person in the game.
  • After the round of stealing, an additional round may be used. However, before this round all the gifts are unwrapped. You can now steal the gifts you really like (or dislike the least). The timer is of course reset for this round, but usually at a shorter period (6-12 minutes).
  • If children are present, it’s always a good idea to be extra kind to them. However, in order to make sure children get at least one gift, there may be a rule saying that the last gift in a child’s possession may not be taken.

You should really try this one next year. It’s a very social game, and many interesting situations may appear 😀

Anyway, happy new year, and make sure you stick to your new year resolutions this year 😉


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