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måndag, december 24, 2007, 11:23
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It came and went, but the aftermath is devastating – literally.

Behind me two of my cousins and a middle aged woman (an aunt) are screaming like crazy. Why? Singstar for Playstation 2 was found under the Christmas tree. Luckily, the music is even louder, so you can’t really hear them sing 😛

Christmas morning was, to be honest, like any other morning. Get up, have breakfast, hang out with the family (this year: the Dahlberg’s in Södertälje), etc. One of the highlights, though, were when one of my cousins and I were to drive our aunt to Stockholm. I was driving, the cousin functioned as a second GPS (we had a real one as well). Getting to Stockholm was no problem, but getting back out turned out quite challenging 😛

Things first went wrong when we talked too much and missed an exit. The GPS calculated an alternative route, but we still managed to mess up. The combination of a GPS telling you one thing, signs telling you another and a cousin telling you a third turned out pretty awful. We got home half an hour late for lunch, but: we had great fun, and got some Stockholm sightseeing as a bonus. Globen and Gamla stan, to name two of the things we passed by.

After pulling through the hour of Donald Duck on TV, compulsory every Christmas (although everyone keeps falling asleep), the gifts could finally be handed out! So what did I get? A quick list:

  • Six (!) books, including two by Kim M. Kimselius and the latest Harry Potter.
  • A CD (Amy Whinehouse)
  • A DVD (Transformers)
  • A 200 kr. gift card to Ikanohuset
  • And more…

Right now people are goofing around with their presents. And I’ll go do the same. The ”singers” behind me have calmed down now.


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Tjoho! God fortsättning. Ledsen att vi inte kunde ses, jag hade en kort tid i trakten den här gången tyvärr. 😀

Kommentar av Lena

Jasså, redan borta igen? Jag hade fullt upp, så han inte riktigt tänka på saken 😦

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