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Book Crossing
lördag, november 24, 2007, 11:14
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A few days ago I accidentally saw a bit of an episode of ”Anaconda”, a Swedish youth program. The episode was about the Internet and phenomenons such as YouTube and, something that fell into my liking, Book Crossing.

BookCrossing.comis the site we’re talking about here. Their idea is simple: people ”set books free” by just leaving them somewhere ”in the wild”, for example at a cafe or on a park bench. However, before doing so the book in question should be registered on the site, where you also leave information on where you leave the book. Then, people can find the book, either by accident or through the site.

When registering the book, you also get a so called BCID number. This number should be written on the inside of the cover of the book, or on an official BookCrossing label (to be glued or taped into the cover). When someone finds the book, he or she can register the catch on the site. The finder should then, if interested, read the book, and later set it free again. So in theory a book can travel around in a city, country and even across country borders.

Personally I’ve released only two books, both at my school. Along with the note with the BCID number I wrote and printed an instructions sheet to help make it clear to people what they should do with the book. Additionally, I placed a post-it note on the cover that further explained the situation and that the finder should look inside the cover for further instructions.

One of the books I placed was gone pretty fast. The other is still there, unfortunately 😦 That taught me that you should never leave a book where you’ll see it every day. It’s better to leave it where you’re not likely to return to it, and then never look back.

Today I was browsing the site and found that in Kamppi, a shopping mall in Helsinki, had three new books placed in the last 24 hours. I was going there anyway, so on the trip I looked for the book, which was supposed to be at some sort of recycling station. Found nothing 😦

Anyway, Book Crossing is a really cool idea, and although I guess not that many releases are actually caught, going hunting can be great fun 😀 I suggest you try it too. Perhaps we’ll even bump into each other’s releases…


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Det finns hundratals böcker på vift i gbg!

Kommentar av Lena

Gör det? 😀 Så bra! Då vill jag flytta dit NU!

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