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Monster Trucks and Christmas Shopping
söndag, november 18, 2007, 12:06
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Some days you have nothing to say, some days there’s too much to narrow it down.

Yesterday (Friday – still 12 minutes ‘til midnight (Saturday/Sunday) EDIT: Two days ago (it’s now one minute past midnight)) I was at a monster truck rally in Hartwall arena, Helsinki. I’d never believed I’d go to one of those, but a friend of mine had free tickets, and you can’t say no to that 😛 And to be honest, it was kind of fun. In fact, it was great! Without going into any details, I can now say I’m a Grave Digger fan.

But still, the trucks weren’t the top of the game – the motor-cross racers were! Amazing stunts! I almost thought they were going to knock their heads into the roof, and that’s saying something considering the size of the arena.

Another thing that happened yesterday was that I finally got my real driver’s licence, instead of the piece of paper I’ve had stuck inside my passport for the past two weeks.

Today was also an eventful day: the first day of Christmas shopping. The whole family went to Alberga, the second largest shopping mall in Finland, and it was packed with people. I guess I have to face the fact that Christmas is just around the corner. What I bought? A few CD’s (quite popular gifts, it appears) and some clothing in the form of a warmer jacket.

Oh, and who do you think was driving to and from the mall? Volvo is so much better than Citroën…

On our trip we also rented a movie – Man of the Year – which turned out to be decent, but not as funny as we’d hoped for. It is worth watching, though. Some great lines and an excellent performance by Robbin Williams. If US politics were really like this, the world would be saved!

To finish the day off perfectly, before I sat down to write this I noticed my Helium.com account balance has increased by approximately $32. Not that much, but quite good for the two easy-to-write articles the money paid for.

Anyway, goodnight for now 😉


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Vi har Volvo! 😀 Har du en egen bil? :O

Kommentar av Lena

Tyvärr inte 😛 Men vi har ju två, så inga problem 😉

Kommentar av Jozii


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