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Call of Duty
tisdag, november 13, 2007, 8:34
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Warning: Nerdy material!

Many years ago (well, at least three), I used to hammer away on the keyboard along with one or two friends in what I call the second most social experience on the net (the first one being chat websites and similar pages): Online gaming. The very first game I played like this was Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. That feels like ages ago (five years, maybe). Later on it turned to Call of Duty, the best multiplayer I’ve ever seen! The action, the adrenaline and of course the friends you meet while playing. Imagine 30+ people running around on a way-too-small map, trying to find (and avoid) each other. It’s like an online game of hide and seek, except you never stand still.

Anyway, as I said that was at least three years ago. I used to beat the crap out of my opponents in Call of Duty 1 and 2, finishing first or at least top three almost every round. I even played in a clan and nearly joined a more professional one even. Even though e-sports were, and still are, on the rise, I never joined a clan playing for money, though. I can’t help wondering what would have happened if I did…

Now, for the past few years I haven’t played much online at all. At least not that type of games. CoD 3 never made it to PC (damn consoles), so that was never a motivation. But now, a few days ago, Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare was released. The big fan that I am, I bought it immediately – and I’ve still got it in me! I’m rising through the ranks like a rocket. My opponents fall like domino bricks, and once again I finish top three in nearly every round. Ah, what memories it brings back.

Now I just wish the old, real-life friends were here, so we could relive the days of teamwork, cooperation and expert-like communication we had in front of the screen.

Even though the game is set in modern times (thus the name, smartass), as opposed to WWII in the two previous games (three previous, if you count expansion packs), it still has the same unique feeling, sense of action, perfectly crafted maps and a vast armory. Add to this the new ranking system, challenges, and the fact that you can create your own class, and you’ve got an experience like nothing before. Oh, and the singleplayer game – magnificent! I love a game that can tell a good story.

But what on earth am I doing here? I want to keep playing. So see you soon, if not in-game or in real life, then at least here next time I post 😉


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