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University + Book fair
lördag, oktober 27, 2007, 10:08
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Yesterday it was time for third year students all around the Swedish speaking regions in Finland to visit universities and college institutions in the Helsinki area. We were all given the opportunity to go to two locations, mine being Arcada and the University of Helsinki. And honestly: they were both a major disappointment!

Arcada was in fact very nice – a modern building with all kinds of technological assets. But they had nothing to offer that suited me. Upon visiting we were split in several groups depending on our interests. I chose the media line, but it turned out not to be what I had hoped. The school focused too much on the technological aspects of filming, sound editing, etc. and not at all on writing or the aspects of media as a whole, which is what I’m interested in. There was too much focus on the practical stuff than on theory…

Helsinki University was the complete opposite: too much heavy theory but no practical stuff at all to mix things with. And this university didn’t offer quite what I was looking for either.

Both schools offered some interesting exchange programs, though.

But then again, what does all this matter to me? This time next year I’ll be out of Finland, for good and bad, and probably study in Göteborg (Sweden) instead 😉

To change to another subject, today my mom, sister and I went to the Book fair in Helsinki, hosted this weekend. While the fair was mainly aimed at Finnish speakers plenty of Finnish-Swedish books and authors were present. Even authors from Sweden, for example Liza Marklund, took part 😀

At the fair I bought four books, the most interesting actually being one featuring simple phrases of ”broken English” – mistakes that people have made when speaking, writing or expressing themselves in English. Surprisingly, most of these mistakes are Japanese, Chinese or Norwegian, but also statements spoken by native English speakers, for example by sports commentators, are represented. A few examples:

”The lift is broken, please use the elevator instead.”

-”Is your wife OK now?” -”Yes, she’s feeling pig again” (”pigg” in Swedish and Norwegian meaning alert or spirited)

Right now I’m heading for bed. Today is the day time is turned back an hour, so as tomorrow will be an exceptionally long day I’ll need to get as much sleep as I possibly can 😉

Good night!


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