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The Day as History
fredag, oktober 12, 2007, 7:54
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Today has been an exceptionally normal day (!). I’ve been to school (two X 75 min psychology, among other things) which was fun as always, but still a bit tiresome. I mean, psychology followed by health knowledge followed by psychology again (same boring teacher every time)… who can stay awake through that?

Upon getting home I started my regular blogging session. I also wrote an essay for a radio contest (Yle X3M – Swedish speaking radio in Finland) and did a Helium check (searching for new Marketplace titles looking at contest statuses).

The past hour or two I’ve been ironing clothes. My sister was (and still is) vacuuming and my mother did general cleaning. Add to this loud music – madness!

My dad is coming home from Hogwarts tonight 😀 Well, not exactly Hogwarts, but it’s a castle and a school, located in England, and was used as inspiration for Hogwarts in the Harry Potter movies. I don’t think they actually filmed anything there though, but according to my dad, who’s been there for five days now, it actually does look like Hogwarts.

Anyway, ten minutes to nine, I’ll be off to get some tea now. In an hour or so I’ll watch a recorded episode of Heroes 😀

Good day!


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Hogwarts? O.O Dit vill jag >.<

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