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onsdag, oktober 10, 2007, 7:12
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Lately I’ve developed my writing skills and expanded from short story writing to writing articles. This is due to the simple fact that I discovered this wonderful website a few months ago: Helium.com!

Helium is a great source of information as anyone can contribute with articles. Sounds like Wikipedia, you think. Well, in theory it is, but there’s one major difference: on Helium you earn money for your work!

Sure, you don’t earn much. I mean, they don’t give you any free money. What you get is parts of Helium’s advertisement income, based on how many clicks your articles generate. Personally I have more than 30 articles but I’ve only earned around $1,45 through advertisement income. However, there are other ways…

Helium has two features that can easily earn you some extra cash: Contests and the Marketplace. The money are added to your Helium account and can be requested through PayPal at anytime you want (with the requirement that you have at least $25 on your account), so there’s no need to provide bank account details in advance.


Every Tuesday a new set of contests are started. There are 10 categories ranging from Arts & Humanities to Computers & Technology. You can see the current contest categories here.

Each category has 25 titles for people to write articles on. Simply, each title acts as a guideline to what your article should be about, for example ”Good cars for teen drivers” or ”Tips for a vegetarian bodybuilder”.

While each category acts as one contest, you score points based on two things:

  1. How many articles you write in the category of your choice,
  2. How well your articles rate on the site.

The contests end every Monday night. 1st prize: $75.

I’ve already won one Helium contest 😀

Helium Marketplace

The Marketplace is perhaps even more interesting than the contests. The concept is simple: Publishers (magazines and websites) make a list of ”titles” they want articles on, along with some guidelines for how the articles should be written. Anyone can then write on the titles they find interesting, and the publishers will, on a given deadline, select one or several of the articles they like. How much they pay? $16 to $200.

Personally I’ve sold two articles, both only worth $16. The damn publishers demanded full rights to the articles, meaning I can’t sell them to anyone else.

For a list of publishers, click here. To see the offered titles, click the name of the publisher(s) you find interesting.

So if you’re interested in writing articles, and perhaps earn some extra cash, check out Helium.com 😀


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A little note about Helium.com: I had a really hard time with them. I made about $0.20 from their site and decided that I wanted to use my articles somewhere else (magazine wants to pay me $50-$100 for one of them) but I couldn’t have them posted anywhere else. I emailed helium (at help@helium.com and at content@helium.com) 3-4 times and never received a response. In an (immature) attempt to get my profile deleted I purposefuly published inappropriate content then reported my inappropriate article thinking they might pay attention to that.

Well instead of deleting my articles and my profile, they made me one of their premier writers giving the articles that I want to use elsewhere even more exposure. Not only that, but they have locked me out of my own account so I can’t post new work or edit my existing work and profiles. I’m absolutely livid. They don’t have rights to my work (by their own admission) and it’s to the point where if they don’t comply to my request in 48 hours I already have a lawyer lined up to help me take them to court.

I recommend that you stay away from helium.com. They have absolutely no respect for writers and their artistic rights.

I’m sure that there are a few people like you (assuming that you’re not just one of their online marketing monkeys posting good things about them for publicity) who make money now and then, but the majority of people make nothing but pennies. (literally)

Writers should be getting anywhere from $10-$25 per page for their work. Why would you work that hard and not get paid fairly for it? Rankings on Helium don’t pay the bills!

I DO recommend going to websites like http://www.oDesk.com, http://www.freelancewritinggigs.com, associatedcontent.com or even craigslist.org where writers can find fair-paying gigs.

Kommentar av thehardcorefreelancer

OMG, are you kidding me? You don’t sound like a hard-core-freelancer to me. Sure, those who write for Helium usually only earn pennies through the advertisement system that allows Helium to pay us anything at all. Pesonally, I’ve only earned a few dollars that way.

However, that’s not where the money is. The Marketplace is where you want to go. That’s where you get the 50$-100$ you’re looking for (sometimes more, sometimes less). But hey, writing doesn’t pay the bill unless you’re selling books in millions. Writers ”always” have a second job, the writing is just a side-kick. This is true even for those who sell books, so we who only write tiny articles are very far from that dream.

You could always sell your articles to magazines like you suggested, and perhaps even get a little more if you succeed. However, that takes more work and it’s harder to do good. Through Helium, however, the magazines come looking for YOU. Assuming you actually write well, it’s not that hard to sell articles. Just write frequently and with good quality. And, the articles that don’t get sold will always earn you the advertisement pennies, which is better than not earning at all.

And,as far as I’m aware, if you do it correctly you can have an article delted, for example if you’ve already sold it elsewhere. But that would be on a case-to-case basis. I’ve had frequent e-mail contact with Helium, and they are very flexible. Based on your actions, it simply sounds like you’ve been rather immature, and I can only imagine the contents of your e-mails to them…

All this said, Helium is a source of information. Writing for Helium is sort of like writing for Wikipedia, though in full articles with a personal touch rather than just a list of facts. You’re sharing quality information, and the information is the primary aim, not the money.

I’ll check out the sites you suggested, and even if they may be better than Helium (which I still doubt), I don’t see your criticism as legitimate or truthfull. But then again, you might be right, and I think I’ll look into Helium’s policies later on…

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