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Back to School – Test Week Aftermath
måndag, oktober 8, 2007, 4:28
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The past week and a half consisted of the frequent so called ”test week”. English (both the student exam and the course 7 standard test), Swedish, German and maths, all packed into a total of five days of test taking. The results: decent. Here are the four standard tests, from lowest (worst) to highest grade:

The grades range from 4 (failed) to 10 (perfect). 8 is what’s expected of you. + is slightly better, ½ is the same as ++.

  • Maths – 5
  • German – 7+
  • Swedish – 7½
  • English – 9

These grades were actually expected. English have always been my strength, maths my weakness. In German I usually get 8 or 9, but due to lack of time I have had to skip three courses (from course 3 to course 7 :O ), which should explain the grade drop there. The only one I really don’t have a good explanation for is Swedish. 7½ is quite a disappointment, I must admit.

Now, the fifth test is the English final exam – the one that really counts and gets written on your diploma. So how did that go? Let’s see:

  • English Final Exam – 285/299 points

Quite good, in other words. In fact, I finished best in the entire school *proud* 😀 That should ensure a good grade on my diploma 😉

Anyway, now that all these tests are over and I’ve received the results it’s back to normal school again. *Sigh*


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Det är ju marvelous bra! 285 av 299. Jag tänkte skriva, kan det bli bättre?! Men uppenbarligen kan det det, men jag är stolt över att känna dig!

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Tackar, tackar 😀

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