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lördag, oktober 6, 2007, 3:11
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…is a bad thing! Call me a racist if you disagree, but I’ll stick to my belief. It’s surprising how people can think of Muslims as suicidal terrorists or even citizens of neighbor countries as helpless brats without actually knowing them.

I’m bringing this subject up because my sister had a little incident yesterday (which she handled extraordinary well) with a friend saying some rather bad things. No names mentioned, but the problem was that this ”friend” commented my sisters Swedish pronunciation (actual Swedish whereas the ”friend” speaks so called Finnish-swedish, which in short could be called a Swedish dialect commonly spoken in Swedish speaking parts of Finland) and said that she shouldn’t speak so loudly at school as Finnish people dislike Swedish people (!). My sister replied:

”I’m quite sure they would rather speak to someone with my pronunciation than to someone from who shit is the only thing coming out of the mouth.”

That shut her up 😀


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Underbar syster! Underbar replik! 😀

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