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torsdag, oktober 4, 2007, 5:56
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Surprise 😀

Just as ratings have dropped to an average of 0.1 readers/day, the summer has been exchanged by autumn and school has turned from ”horrible-first-weeks-after-the-holidays” to ”feels-like-school-never-ended-in-the-first-place” I drop by in an attempt to shock this sleeping blog back into life.

Actually, I’ve been wanting to do just that since June, but the busy summer never really gave me the opportunity. Perhaps I’ll tell you about my summer in the near future, but that will have to wait.

So with this post I’d like to announce that this blog is back in business. I might not post on a daily basis, but I will keep you up to speed on what I’m currently up to. I’ll even try to make sure there’s something for all of you guys out there, from family to friends, from Sweden to Denmark to Finland and all other foreign friends out there, both real-life and online ones. Heck, I’ll even make room for any possible imagined friends out there!

Anyway, that’s all I’ll give you today, but before I finish off I just have to give you a promise: I hereby promise to use this blog as a personal diary to let people know what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and how it all turns out. If something interesting happens (that I’m willing to share), you’ll hear about it here 😀

See you around!


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Go Sweden! \o/

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