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Visiting Kuopio
söndag, november 26, 2006, 6:24
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And now it’s official! Some of you already know this, but on the 6th to 10th of December I’ll be in Kuopio(which is a city in central Finland, for those who do not know). I will also visit the school there on the 7th to 8th, so I can meet all of you from Kuopio there 😀 I’m sure we’ll have a great time!

And for the IB’s, it appears I’m also going to the Sigma Christmas party on the 8th (or was it 7th?). Raili is making me come, and I’m sure the math teacher will be thrilled (!) 😛

For those of you who are not IB, I’m hoping we can do something on the 7th (or 8th… the day when the Christmas party is not taking place). Any suggestions?

So now you’re probably wondering what I’m going to do the other days in Kuopio… well, the 6th will be dedicated to traveling, Saturday is used for skiing, and on Sunday I’m going home.

I’m looking forward to see you all again 😀


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Sigma = @#¤%&!!!! Why the hell are you going there? Also I don’t know if there’s going to be enough snow for skiing. But welcome back you filthy animal.

Kommentar av Dalezilla

I agree on that, but Raili is making me go 😛 And skiing if only if there is enough snow 😉

And I wonder who the real filthy animal is 😉

Kommentar av Jozii

GREAT!! ^_^ I can suggest going to movies or bowling (do you remember, you promised we would go some time?) Where are you going to stay? I was just wondering how much would you have time for me..? (I’m going to hide you and no one else will find you..) So have fun here and tell if there’s something you’d like to do 🙂

Kommentar av Pauliina

I’d love to do something! I’m going to stay at an apartment in Varkaus (or Leppävirta, never remember which one’s which), so I’ll be at school on the 7th and 8th at around 9. Then we got all day. Now, I’ve got arrangements on the 7th (afternoon), but I think you can come to (we’re going to Arnolds). And perhaps we can go to Petonen in the evening of the 7th.

8th I will hang out with the IBs. Christmas party thing in the afternoon, IB 2 in the evening 😀

Kommentar av Jozii

I’ll be in camp on 8th-10th so we’ve only got the 7th..

Kommentar av Pauliina

That hiding comment sounds awfully queer. Also I accidentaly changed my name, the old one is back now.

Kommentar av Windowpane

Hiding comment what? :S

Kommentar av Jozii


Kommentar av mummelisko


Kommentar av Jozii

” (I’m going to hide you and no one else will find you..) ”

That hiding comment.

Kommentar av Windowpane

Oh 😛

Kommentar av Jozii


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