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TMU Blog – The Secret Project
söndag, november 26, 2006, 12:11
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I believe I’ve mentioned earlier that I was working with a ”secret project” that took much of my blogging time away from this blog. Well (drumroll please), here it is:

The TMU Blog

It’s a brand new blog totally dedicated to the awesome computer game TrackMania United (a racing game)! I’m quite happy right now, cause it’s been linked to at two major websites: TMU Exchange and the Fok! forum!

I’m hoping to see this blog become a huge success, and if you are interested in this game, or know someone that is, I’d be thrilled if you could promote the TMU Blog by sharing the link to it with friends and family, and perhaps even link to it at any forum, website or blog you might visit/own.

If you don’t know what TrackMania is, or if you know but don’t have any of the games in the series, here are a few suggestions:

1. Download an older (February of 2006, so still quite new) but free version in the series here.

2. Buy the latest game, TrackMania United, either in store (if you are lucky enough to live in France, Canada, Australia and whatever countries the game has been released in) or by downloading it here! The download option is only available for 10 000 copies of the game, and is meant for countries where the game has not yet been released in store (most of Europe, America, etc.). In most of these ”unfortunate” countries, the game will be released in February, but why wait that long? 😉

Now it’s bedtime. See you another time 😀


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