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Sugar Makes You Happy – Winter+Glögg=Christmas
måndag, november 6, 2006, 8:26
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Today the silly idea of making glögg(non-alcoholic) popped into my mind. That’s usually the first sign that winter has arrived for real 😉 And with winter comes Christmas 😀

Winter+Glögg=Christmas 😀

Anyway, I couldn’t find the recipe for making glögg, so I had to improvise. As a result, I am now addicted to sugar 😉

I’ll try making another round another day, and hopefully it will become better 😀


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I am addicted to candies.. I cant be without candies more than a day.. horrible isn’t it? have to do something about it.. 😀

Kommentar av mummelisko

Ha, yeah, you should do something about it 😛 Let’s do something together… from now on, let’s not eat anything sweet for a week, ok?

And as I asked in my previous comment: Mummelisko, who are you?

Kommentar av Jozii

I cant.. and I have candies in my closet … read my previous comment and guess who am I..? I’m spider man.. 😀

Kommentar av mummelisko

Throw the candy away 😀

And based on your spelling (!) I’d guess you are Raili 😛

Kommentar av Jozii

i cant throw candy away O.o.. I’m gonna eat candy.. what is wrong with my spelling.. 😛

Kommentar av mummelisko

No comment.

Kommentar av Jozii

I hate bad spelling. 😦

Kommentar av Windowpane


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